Danielle Coleman

Artist member since 2019
Toronto, Ontario

Danielle Coleman is a multidisciplinary artist who holds a BFA with distinction in Drawing & Painting from OCAD University. Obsessed with the element of kitsch and heartache within her practice, Coleman challenges the taboo of creating work which speaks to romantic relationships.

Coleman is an artist focused on the philosophy of love in academia, idealized romance within popular culture and creating a visual language for romance based on personal experiences – remembering the flowers bestowed by past lovers and the day dream qualities of falling in love with the beloved. Works are conceptually emphasizing cliché notions and practices within romantic relationships. Coleman is challenging the notions of the title of being “a love craved young woman” while tongue in cheek playing upon the idea of wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Coleman’s material experimentation includes materials such as wallpaper, table cloths, electrical tape and floral textiles – considering the kitsch qualities of the perfect home and traditional images that are produced around idealized romantic relationships. Drawing from cliché lyrics of love songs, loved filled tunes are key to Coleman’s studio atmosphere, creating a visual language of mark making that communicates and reclaims the lover’s discourse. Seeking to visualize the kitsch feeling of heartbreak of post relationship status, experimental techniques and expanded notions of painting are used.


Inside the Studio


What do you listen to when you work?

Love songs and break up ballads! From the Killer's Mr.Brightside to ABBA's Take a Chance on Me I am listening to the cliche love anthems that live in my playlists. You can always count me in to rock out to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours on vinyl too.

Favourite movie

(500) Days of Summer is the ultimate romantic and relatable not-love story of all time for me! The perfect display of the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the lover's discourse.

When I'm not making art, I'm (a) ...

Curled up ball reading love philosophy. From poetry, essays to philosophy of romantic, platonic and familial love! I particularly enjoy Rolland Barthes' Fragments: A Lover's Discourse but a cheesy love novel can also be the best inspiration for work as well! I will admit - I do enjoy every minute of a cheesy novel too.

What artists do you admire right now?

Sophie Calle, Tracey Emin and Allison Wade! Using their love life in such bold and daring ways makes me feel comfort in the themes of work I do. Their approaches to the work are confessional and unapologetic, wearing their hearts on their sleeve!

Favourite musical artist / band right now

Arcade Fire is a band I have the entire discography on iTunes and Spotify and on vinyl so I guess you can say I have had my daily dose of Arcade Fire anyway of the week. Led Zeppelin and The Killer's are also some favorites who ALWAYS have a soft spot in my heart as well.

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

I have a wide range of art in my home. I can never turn down a good art trade and I love to support my fellow artists when I can! I have a range of zines, pins and jewelry pendants to prints, paintings and small sculptures! I am a real advocate of my home being a cozy sanctuary and live in studio, so I am ALWAYS looking to have works that speak to me around the house. You can say a lot of work on my walls are double hung... maybe triple hung at this point. I may need more wall space.

Upcoming Exhibitions
February 28 - April 4 2020

Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
"I Hope You're Doing Well"

June 25 - August 1 2020

ARTspace, Chatham, ON
Hometown Baby

Select Past Exhibitions

Ada Slaight Studio Hub, OCAD University, Toronto, ON


Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga, ON
Baby POP


Women's Art Association of Canada, Toronto, ON


OCAD University, Toronto, ON
GradEX 104


OCAD University, Toronto, ON
Picture Show: Filth & Decadence


The Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON
The Doll Project

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Missisauga, ON
Experiencing Perspectives


Pixie Blue Studio, Mississauga, ON
Art: Is It? Juried Exhibition


Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga, ON
The Art of Dialogue Juried Exhibition

Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON
Ontario Wide Juried Exhibition


OCAD U Learning Zone, Toronto, ON
Danielle Coleman & Mashalya Ritchie


Anniversary Gallery, Toronto, ON


William Street Cafe, Chatham, ON
Danielle Coleman


OCAD University, Toronto, ON
Juried Celebration of First Year


OCAD University
Takao Tanabe Scholarship


OCAD University
Project 31 Drawing and Painting Scholarship



Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: Experiencing Perspectives


Ontario Museum Association
Certificate in Museum Studies


OCAD University
BFA Drawing & Painting


Thames Art Gallery: Ed Pien Workshop


Thames Art Gallery: John Kissick Workshop


Thames Art Gallery: Ron Shuebrook Workshop


Thames Art Gallery: John Kissick Workshop


Thames Art Gallery: Becky Fixter Workshop

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